Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens: 5 of My Favorite Things (Found While Thrifting)

best items found flipping thrift stores

The day will come ( if it hasn’t already) when you’ll be minding your own business, scouring through the racks of misfit clothing when suddenly you will stumble upon the HOLY GRAIL.

The HOLY GRAIL is an item that makes your heart completely stop. An item that makes you question if it’s real or too good to be true! It’s an item that makes you question our nation’s priorities — how could something so expensive just be discarded? HOLY GRAILs don’t happen all the time, but when they do, be prepared to break into song.

Here are 5 of my favorite things I’ve found while out on the prowl.

Zilli Bomber Jacket Calfskin Leather Silk Lining in Cendre, S. 52


Zilli Hand-Made Calf Leather Jacket

Purchased for $14.99 | Sold for $500

This jacket may look like a boring, everyday gray leather jacket. To me, that’s just what it was…at first.

Upon further inspection and research with my trusty pal, the eBay app, I learned this jacket is worth thousands of dollars in brand new condition. In fact, the centerpiece of the House of Zilli’s 2008 collection was a Crocodile Leather Jacket, which was selling for only a modest $100,000.

I sell to men of power- Kings and Queens.
– Alan Schimel, President of Zilli

My Zilli was not made of any exotic leather and did have some bumps and bruises. Even so, I’m not complaining!

Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag LTD, Peaches ‘n Cream (004 of 250)

Harvey Seatbelt Bag

Purchased for $7.99 | Sold for $80

Again, really not that glamorous looking. To me, it looks like a little kids’ purse. It’s constructed entirely of seatbelts, but this particular bag is limited edition.

This specific line (I later learned) only produces 250 per year.

For collectors, they’re highly sought after to complete their collection. It was a little dirty and was missing the signature hang tang, but I still did very well for myself.

NWT Gucci Men’s Brown Luxury Slim Fit Wool Stretch Suit


NWT Men’s Gucci Suit

Purchased for $30 | Asking $799.99

OK, so I have to admit my feet definitely left the floor when I found this one at a Salvation Army in a very expensive part of the island. Unlike the two items above, there was no mystery when I spotted this suit — I knew I’d hit the jackpot.

What I’ve learned about high-priced designer items is that the people who want to purchase these quality items want to know every detail: the collection it was a part of, the year it hit the runway, etc. There’s a little more detective work needed on my part to get this baby to a new home!

Lululemon Quick Step Pants in Wren


Purchased for $6.99 | Sold for $76

Lets be serious — when life gives you lemons, you always hope they’re Lulus!

Whenever I see anything with the Lululemon symbol at the thrift store my heart skips a few beats. This happens for a few reasons. First, Lululemon items are extremely popular, and that popularity means they sell very quickly. Second, Lululemon is the only athletic wear available in which its resale value can be higher than its initial value.

When I come across a Lululemon, I know that I won’t list it until I’ve made sure I know exactly what I have. As it turns out, these are pretty rare pants!

Chanel Denim Shorts


Expensive Chanel shorts that don’t look high end but absolutely are

Purchased for $4.99 | Sold for $150

These little beauties were found in an area of the island where it isn’t common to see the rich and famous hanging out. The hardest part about selling them is they were my size! Every time this happens, it’s the real test of my desire to pay off my loans. But, at the end of the day, I did manage to part with them. The pain of my student loans haunting me was greater than the pain of having to part with these Chanel shorts.

Some of the items above are pretty obvious — everyone knows Chanel and Gucci — but others you might skip over if you don’t do a little detective work!

What are some of your great finds?

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