So far in this four-part series you’ve learned why it’s important to spend time creating great listings, how to write IRRESISTIBLE titles, and how to create eye-catching cover photos. The fourth and final installment answers the following question: How do I write a great listing description?

Descriptions matter, but how much?

This is an interesting question. In the next thousand words I’m going to suggest you take some extra time to write a really good description of your item, but does it really make a difference?

Yes, it does.

I have an eBay store. One of the benefits of having a store is that eBay gives me a whole suite of metrics that aren’t available to sellers without a store subscription. One of those metrics is “Sales Conversion Rate.” This is a crucial metric that tells me how often people who click on my listings actually buy my items.

Sales Conversion Rate is calculated by counting the number of people that buy an item divided by the number of people that clicked on an item. See below:


When I first opened my eBay store, I had your typical, bad descriptions. As a result, my Sales Conversion Rate was poor — about 0.7%. This means that for every 1,000 people who clicked on one of my listings, I generated 7 sales. To get one sale, I needed to get 150 people to click!

Now, after using the tips below, I’ve nearly tripled my Sales Conversion Rate, which routinely sits around 2.0%. For every 1,000 people who click on my listings, I’m getting 20 sales, and on average I need just 50 people to click on a listing before someone buys it.

What does this mean?

Without changing either my pricing or the items I’m selling, I have TRIPLED my Sales Conversion Rate.

That’s sales three times faster, which means more items getting sold, more new inventory getting posted online, and more rapid growth.

And all I did was use these simple strategies.

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