One of the things we want to do on Debt Free Dawn is share with you the items we find. Our hope is this will help you identify some great brands to flip while showing you the types of items we buy and the prices we look for.

This past weekend Dawn and I took a drive up to a Salvation Army we go to less frequently, about 30 minutes away from home (but down the street from a clinic Dawn works occasionally). As usual, the first thing we did was check the half-off date, which is how the Salvation Army moves their merchandise that’s been there for awhile. Luckily for me, some of the deals I found below were only made possible by the 50% off discount I was able to score!

Note: “Purchase Price” below includes HI state 4.7% sales tax. “Estimated Revenue After Fees” subtracts my expected shipping cost and site fees / commissions.

Lacoste Men’s Short Sleeve Orange Polo

  • Purchase Price: $7.32
  • Estimated Sale Price: $23.00
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: $16.46
  • Estimated Profit: $9.14

Lacoste Men’s Orange Short Sleeve Polo

Update: Sold it for $22.95, profited $9.05 after shipping and fees

I’ve never owned a Lacoste item before (not even as a kid) but Dawn has some experience and told me that anything with a big, bold, or standout piece of Lacoste insignia sells fairly easily. Seeing as we almost exclusively buy items in very good condition with very obvious branding, this made sense to me! This item sold in an eBay auction for $21.50 on August 1, and the big Lacoste croc fits the “standout” criteria, so I’ll ask for $26.95 and settle for something over $20.00.

We The Free Women’s Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Purchase Price: $5.22 $2.62 (50% off!)
  • Estimated Sale Price: $21.00
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: $18.40
  • Estimated Profit: $15.78
Debt Free Dawn Clothes Flipping Deal

We The Free Women’s Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

I found this shirt while browsing the women’s blouses, and it was the metallic “We The Free” tag inside the collar that caught my eye. From previous flipping experience I knew We The Free was a part of Free People, and Free People is one of the brands I’ve learned has some resale value. As of this writing there’s one other active listing for this exact same shirt on eBay, and they’re asking $39.50. Recently sold listings for similar items have been in the $20.00 – $25.00 range. I’ll probably ask $27 on Mercari, because it does have some wear (notice the tag has been cut inside the collar) and accept the first offer I get north of $20.00.

Update: On 10/12/16 (4 weeks later) it sold for $22.00 on eBay.

Nike DRI-FIT Miler Men’s Black Running Shirt

  • Purchase Price$4.18 $2.09 (50% off!)
  • Estimated Sale Price: TBD (will include as part of a lot)
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: TBD
  • Estimated Profit: TBD
Men's Nike DRI FIT Miler Short Sleeve Running Shirt

Men’s Nike DRI FIT Miler Short Sleeve Running Shirt

I love targeting athletic wear, especially Nike DRI-FIT, Under Armour, and Victoria’s Secret VSX, however, this shirt is fairly plain and a little worn (see the faded / peeling tag inside the collar). Why did I buy such a boring, faded shirt? Basically, it was all about the purchase price. With a $3.99 tag price discounted 50% to $2.00 (plus tax) there’s no way I lose money on this item. It’s a men’s medium in great physical condition, so I’ll store it away until I can create a lot of men’s Nike DRI-FIT running gear and then sell the whole lot, probably for $10-$12 per item. At just $2.09 to purchase, that’s a solid ROI!

Burberrys Men’s Short Sleeve Blue Polo

  • Purchase Price: $7.32
  • Estimated Sale Price: $27.00
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: $19.99
  • Estimated Profit: $12.67
Burberrys Men's Short Sleeve Blue Polo

Burberrys Men’s Short Sleeve Blue Polo

Burberrys is one of the primo brands I always look out for because the items generally sell very quickly and for an easy profit. I have some of my best success shopping the men’s polos, finding a lot of items like this, the Lacoste polo above, and Nike Golf polos, all of which I tend to sell for around $25.00 each. This shirt has no tears, stains, or fading and is in fantastic condition. While it lacks the signature Burberry Nova Check pattern, it’s in great condition and has the brand name going for it. I’ll ask $34.95 and settle for any offer of at least $25.00.

NWT Nike Golf Men’s Short Sleeve “Cooling” Half Zip Pink Polo

  • Purchase Price$15.69 $7.85 (50% off!)
  • Estimated Sale Price: $27.00
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: $19.99
  • Estimated Profit: $12.14
Nike Golf Men's Short Sleeve Cooling Half Zip Pink Polo

Nike Golf Men’s Short Sleeve “Cooling” Half Zip Pink Polo

The first lesson when selling New With Tag items is not to become married to the tag price. This item has a $70.00 retail tag on it, but I’d be happy to get half of that. Still, at $7.85 it was an easy purchase, and I’ll list it at $34.95 on eBay and take something north of $25.00. I feel like I’ll end up settling around $27.00. Similar items have previously sold as low as $12.00 (generally at auction with one bidder) and as high as $38.00.

Nike Golf Tiger Woods Platinum Collection Golf Shorts

  • Purchase Price: $10.46
  • Estimated Sale Price: $28.00
  • Estimated Revenue After Fees: $20.87
  • Estimated Profit: $10.41
Nike Golf Tiger Woods Collection Golf Shorts

Nike Golf Tiger Woods Collection Golf Shorts

Welcome to my favorite item to flip: men’s golf shorts. Whether it’s Nike, Under Armour, Oakley, or a few other brands, I have zero problem selling shorts like these. Part of that is the season — we’re just now leaving summer — but part is that a good pair of shorts or pants has so much utility (and, in my experience, men are typically more impulsive buyers). While the $10.46 purchase price is steep (my average purchase price over my last 100 items is just $7.86), I have complete faith in these moving quickly for $25.00-$30.00. The only negative is some stitching that’s loose around the left pant cuff, so I’ll start them at $34.95 and settle around $28.00.

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Thanks for reading! In my full-time job as a Business Analyst for a health system, I apply analytical rigor to everyday business questions. My goal at Debt Free Dawn is to bring some of that rigor to the business of online resale but to do so in a fun and understandable way. Please ask me anything as I love to chat with fellow flippers!