5 Brands of Jeans You Can Resell For Awesome Profits

I have about 6 months of clothing flipping under my belt. That level of experience definitely makes me more than a novice, but I haven’t quite earned “expert” status yet (though I do as much reading and research as I can, which has greatly accelerated my development). From my experience (and research!), I’ve learned the best jean brands to resell for a profit.

And I really love reselling jeans.

Because I’ve bought and sold so many different items, I’ve learned a lot about what sells well and what doesn’t. I’ve also settled into particular niches that I like, generally because they both make money and there’s consistent supply. One such niche of mine is jeans, both men’s and women’s.

Here are 5 of my favorite brands of jeans to flip.

1. Rock Revival

jean brands to resell - Rock Revival

Rock Revival

Without a doubt Rock Revival jeans are one of my favorite jean brands to resell, especially their men’s jeans. We don’t come across them very often, but they’re instant moneymakers.

Dawn and I have had success listing them on eBay as auctions starting at $9.95. These jeans get a ton of interest and get bid up quickly.

I sold a pair of Rock Revival Andy jeans (their styles are identified by men’s and women’s names) at auction for $50.99, including shipping, with 15 bids from 5 different bidders. That’s an impressive price for second hand jeans, and it’s even more impressive because I described their condition as follows:

2 faint orange discolorations on thighs (last 2 pictures); no tears or missing parts.

Dawn found a NWT pair of Rock Revival men’s jeans and sold them at auction for $64.99, including shipping. And don’t forget Rock Revival women’s jeans; my friend sold a pair of Rock Revival women’s capris on Mercari for $45!

Keep your eyes peeled for the fleur-de-lis.

2. Miss Me Jeans

Along with Rock Revival, one of my 2 or 3 favorite jean brands to resell is Miss Me, and I’ve had a lot of success with some significant volume. Below are some of the Miss Me jeans that myself and friends have sold, along with the selling price (shipping included):

Note the design modifications shown above, particularly the label on the waist as this is what typically catches your eye when you’re swiftly moving piece-by-piece through racks at the store. Miss Me Jeans sell quickly, and I’ve had my most success on Mercari.

3. True Religion Brand Jeans

jean brands to resell - True Religion

True Religion Brand Jeans with pink rhinestones

By sheer volume, few of the best jean brands to resell top True Religion. I consistently find this brand of jeans and almost always have 4-8 pairs of them in stock. The defining characteristics of True Religion Brand Jeans are the signature horseshoe and Buddha image.

In my experience all types of True Religion jeans will sell for $20+, but they’re a premium name and sometimes thrift stores will price them in the $10-$20 range (or higher). Unlike Rock Revival and Miss Me described above, which I’ll buy in good condition at almost any price in second hand stores, I find myself being a little more selective with True Religion jeans.

Consider the image above. Those are an easy buy, and I have them listed now at $46.95 on eBay. This pretty much goes for all brands of jeans, but anything with some sort of embellishment, bling, rhinestone, sequin, or robust stitching is preferable. The pink rhinestones on the back pocket of these jeans are a great accent.

jean brands to resell - True Religion

Pair of plain looking True Religion jeans, sold for $14.95 on eBay

Now consider the jeans to the right (and click here for a list of completed, sold listings on eBay at $25 or less). These True Religions sold on eBay for just $14.95, and they actually had 2 different bidders. Neither of them wanted to go above $15.

The moral of the story: Money can be made flipping True Religion Brand Jeans, but don’t buy every pair you see.

4. Frankie B

jean brands to resell - Frankie B

Frankie B jeans, which I currently have listed on eBay at $39.95.

I discovered Frankie B about 2 months ago when I stumbled across of pair of NWT women’s pants for $7.99 (plus tax). I did some quick research, saw they might make me some money, and took the small risk. A week later they sold for $30. Frankie B was now on my radar.

Currently I have one pair of Frankie B jeans listed and waiting to sell, but I’m confident they will. The sold, pre-owned listings on eBay have a wide range of final sale prices, but some are as high as $50.

Like True Religion above, this is a brand with which you should exercise some discretion and only buy jeans that are either similar to ones you’ve seen sell for a good chunk or change or ones on which you’re willing to gamble because they have some defining characteristic or standout feature. (This is the category my current Frankie B jeans fall into; see the image above.)

5. Affliction

If Rock Revival jeans are a 20 pound turkey dinner, Affliction jeans are those small rotisserie chickens you pick up at the grocery store. There’s definitely some meat on the bone, but probably not a ton. Keep an eye out for the following back pocket designs:

jean brands to resell - Affliction

Affliction jean designs to look out for

We’ve come across a few pairs of Affliction jeans and generally resell them in the $25-$30 range. A quick scan of the recently sold pre-owned listings on eBay shows that to be their general range, with some shooting as high as $40-$50.

What are your favorite jean brands to resell?

Have you had success flipping a brand of jeans not listed here? Disagree with our best jean brands to resell? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading! In my full-time job as a Business Analyst for a health system, I apply analytical rigor to everyday business questions. My goal at Debt Free Dawn is to bring some of that rigor to the business of online resale but to do so in a fun and understandable way. Please ask me anything as I love to chat with fellow flippers!


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  1. tinkerbwll

    I love all these tips. I started finding bargains at TJ Maxx…and follow the blog faithfully

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much, Tinkerbell!! Make sure you subscribe to our Email list for updates and more information! Mahalo!

  2. Zeesa

    Great tips! Curious, how much profit do you need to make on a pair for it to make it worth it? I try to make $25/pair, but finding it challenging with the thrift store prices shooting up.

  3. Kim

    These jeans appear to be from the Brittany Spears and Ed Hardy era. How long ago was this post?

  4. Amy

    How do American Eagle and Aeropostale jeans do?

  5. Heather R Claussen

    I have a pair of miss me size 27
    Aeropastle size 3/4 what can I get $ wise
    And ariat women’s dress boots size 9B

  6. Johnny

    The whole world is going to be alright!

  7. Dot

    True Religions are a good profit, but I have passed up a few. I’m picky and my intuition tends to be accurate on that brand: strong embroidery stitching, cowboy style, corduroy, or anything that stands out than their standard. If you get a plain looking True Religion, then you will wait a long time to resell on the internet. I have mixed feelings about Miss Me- I personally adore the overall brand to wear myself, but you get more watchers than buyers on the internet. You should start selling Joe’s Jean . Im shocked it’s more popular than True Religion or Miss Me in my sales.It helped me to profit 🙂 I heard MOTHER jeans are very profitable, but I can never find them. Maybe you will 🙂

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